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February 16, 2012

The religion of democracy

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One of the definitions of religion in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is: “a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith”. Reading this definition, it is obvious, to me, that democracy has become the “religion” of the USA and we are determined to spread our religion across the globe. And if you dare resist conversion to our religion, just like the Spanish Inquisitions, we will torture you and/or kill you if you don’t convert to our religion.

Okay, first off let’s talk about how the government of the US was setup. Contrary to what some people believe, the USA was not meant to be a democracy. It was setup as a Constitution-based federal republic. Now we have no doubt strayed, radically, from this but that was what it was setup as. True democracy is at best, mob rule. The majority can have absolute rule over the minority.

But over the centuries the Constitution and Bill of Rights have become more historical documents that have little to do with the way our government runs. Our country has become a country with one central religion and that is democracy.

And like a lot of religions, we have our head or Pope if you will, the President of the USA. And he has his bishops and cardinals below him that shepherd the flock, keeping them inline.

Now I suppose that in and of itself, this would not be a terrible thing. Like most major religions, there are various branches in our democratic church that range from liberal to conservative. We tolerate both extremes, to a point. But at the end of the day the democratic church is split into two major ways of thinking, Democratic and Republican parties. Think of them as Christianity being split between Catholic and Protestant. And both parties preach their version of the religion of democracy while thumping on their “Bible”, which in this case is thousands upon thousands of volumes of laws and regulations that you must follow to stay in the democratic church.

And again, that might not be too bad, after all, if you don’t like the church, you can leave it. If I don’t like a Baptist church, or Christianity in general, I can become a Buddhist or whatever.

But in the case of the Church of Democracy, just preaching to the flock is no longer good enough. We have to evangelize to the rest of the world. Which again, is not that bad a thing, on the surface. Not unlike the missionaries that go to third world countries to do medical missions or build homes for the poor. And the Church of Democracy has done this but we have not stopped there. Just giving a hand-up has not been enough. Now we seem to be bound and determined to force people to join the Church of Democracy either by bribes or by force.

We are spreading the Religion of Democracy throughout the world. Bribing countries into joining our church or failing that, we send in our Crusaders, our military, to force the unwashed heathens into joining our church or die for refusing to convert. And once we establish our Church of Democracy, we make sure we get our tithes through the exploitation of their mineral resources.

Anybody that dares to show dissent towards the Democratic Church is branded as a heretic by being called non-patriotic, anti-American or if a non-Church state citizen, a terrorist. If their country is invaded by the Democratic Church Crusaders, anyone opposing this missionary trip is branded an insurgent and terrorist not worthy of life and they are crushed, often along with their families.

Our crusaders are held up as heroes of the faith and if they die while spreading the “word”, they are portrayed as martyrs.

The Church of Democracy is always expanding, always looking for new converts to the “flock”. The head Shepard may change from time to time but the goal of the Church is never changing and that goal is the conversion of everyone to the Religion of Democracy. One way or another.

Onward Democratic Soldiers…..

February 11, 2012

Why blindly follow?

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To anyone that reads this blog and either currently is in, or has been, in the military. Why do you do it? I understand, to a degree, joining up after 9/11 to go to Afghanistan. But why Iraq? Why did you think that invading a country that had not done anything to the US should be invaded and you needed to participate in that invasion? Was it the WMDs that Iraq was supposed to have? Did you not question why we should preemptively strike a country that “might” have WMDs when other countries had them? And once the US admitted that there were not WMDs, why did you support the continued expansion, and continued killing, on both sides in Iraq?

If the commander in chief had been Obama, would you have as blindly followed him? Will you do the same thing in Iran? Why?

If your commander in chief told you to invade another state in the USA because of, whatever, would you blindly follow his orders? Why not? Do you only invade and kill people in other countries, of other cultures, of other religions?

When you are only serving the interests of the military-industrial complex and a tyrannical government, you are not serving the people of your country. Wrong is wrong and doing wrong under the colors of a country’s flag does not make it right.

Think long and hard about what you are doing. The day may come that you are ordered to turn your guns towards your own people. Will you blindly follow those orders also?

February 7, 2012

When the only tool you have is a hammer….

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The old saying is that “when the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”.

It that what has happened to the US? With over a 3rd of our budget going to “defense”, it seems that the largest tool in our toolbox is our military. I put defense in quotes because how often is our military used for the defense of our country? How many times, in the last few decades, has our military defended the borders of the USA against a foreign invader? None that I can remember.

There was a time when diplomacy was a major tool in our toolbox and things were solved by not putting troops into someplace they did not belong. But perhaps we found that diplomacy did not work with some countries and as long as they were not a threat to the US, or more likely, did not have any natural resources or strategic position we wanted, we just ignored them and moved on.

But now we have the biggest and baddest military in the world with trillions of dollars of gee-wiz bang toys. We can kill someone from 35000 feet while the man that pulls the triggers sits in comfort hundreds of miles away. We have bombs that will punch through anything almost to reach deep into a supposed bunker. We may not have all the toys but we have more of them than anyone else and as a nation, use them with glee against anyone that we have the perception of as being our enemy. And if we invade a country for some reason, say, we think they have WMDs and after years find out they don’t, oh well, our bad. But we continue the war in the name of those (only on our side) that have fallen during the preceding years of mistaken combat operations.

Yep, we have a massive toolbox that only contains one tool, a massive hammer. And we love nothing more than to bang all the nails that we can find into submission. And if they don’t submit, we will pound on them until the stubborn nails are destroyed and we have new nails ready to be thumped on if they don’t do things the way the way we want.

Over in the corner of our toolbox is a small tool, called diplomacy but it is so rarely used that it is rusty and useless.

Watch out nails of the world, watch out for our hammer that will beat you into submission destroying your friends, families and neighbors in the process. The hammer gets bigger every year and more and more countries become our nails.

Diplomacy without the threat of annihilation is dead. Statesmanship is dead.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

My prediction on our next president

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What the hell, everyone else makes predictions, I might as well. And our next president will be, drum roll please, Obama (again). The Republican party has been so fractured in who they were supporting that it will be difficult for the republicans to firmly support the likely candidate, Romney (Oh shit, Mitt). The only person that ran on the republican party that was worth a damn was Ron Paul and while I would have loved to see him get the nomination, I don’t think there was a chance in hell of him winning against Obama.

And we will likely be into a war with Iran by then and people will be hesitant to change horses in mid-stream by throwing Obama out of office.

But hang on for the ride in Obama’s last 4 years. He will be a lame duck president so all bets are off. His previous 4 years will seem like a conservative’s dream compared to his last 4.

February 3, 2012

A letter to my fellow prisoners

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But wait, you’re not an prisoner you say? Well, I would disagree with that and allow me to explain.

First off, we should define what a prisoner is and lets start off with a definition from the Merriam-Webster dictionary.


: a person deprived of liberty and kept under involuntary restraint, confinement, or custody

Simple enough, right? So how can I assert that we, meaning everyone in the USA, are prisoners? Well notice that the definition above does not state how restrictive the depravation of liberty must be in order to fit within that definition.

I would argue that we are all prisoners of the USSA and that our country has become nothing more than a giant prison camp where we are all inmates to one degree or another.

Within a state or federal prison, there are levels of “lockup” ranging from solitary confinement to unsupervised trustee level. The more you obey the rules of the prison, the more freedom of movement you are allowed. If you buck the system, you get thrown into the “hole” or solitary.

If you move beyond the walls of our physical prison system, you can see that the society outside of the physical walls of the penitentiaries is pretty much the same way. You would be hard pressed to find any activity that you do, on a daily basis, that is not regulated or restricted by some level of government.

Now one would argue that we have complete freedom of movement but do we really? Are you free to drive your car? Well yes, as long as you have a state approved driver’s license, all the various stickers and tags that the state require on your vehicle, you obey the laws, and pay any and all taxes that come with owning and operating that vehicle.

Now I suppose that if you didn’t want to put up with that, you could just walk everyplace but again, you have to obey the laws and depending on the state, you might have to carry a state issued identification with you in case you are stopped for, well, whatever reason they decide they want to stop you.

Air travel? ID required plus body scans and/or being sexually molested by some costume wearing bottom feeder. And these measures are starting to be used at bus and train depots.

Bicycle? Same thing as walking plus some cities require you to have a license to operate a bicycle.

Body scanners are going to be deployed at the upcoming Super Bowl.

And the list goes on.

Now someone will say that you are free as long as you obey the laws but using the same (lack of) logic, the women in Afghanistan were “free” as long as they wore their burkhas and obeyed the laws of the Taliban.

Muslims and Jews are “free” during the Spanish Inquisition days as long as they renounced their faith and bent to the will of the church.

And if you don’t like your USSA prison, try leaving if you don’t have the proper documents (passport). And with almost 30% of young adults having been in jail or charged with a crime, which restricts their ability to obtain a passport, that is not a (legal) option.

A prison is a prison regardless of size or physical boundaries if the PTB can restrict your movement inside those boundaries or your ability to exit through those boundaries.

But like the state and federal run prisons, the PTB try to keep us complacent and ignorant of how bad it is. They keep us occupied with gadgets and mindless entertainment on the TV screen. They tell us how “free” we are and how, in exchange for just a bit of that freedom, how secure they will keep us.

Because, you see, just like in the movie “The Matrix”, we are the batteries that power this monster of a machine that has become the USSA (United Socialist States of AmeriKa). These “batteries” will continue to supply the power to run this monstrosity as long as they are feed continuous programming through the TV tube telling them that they are living in the freest country in the world, there is an invisible enemy out to get them and that they only way we can protect ourselves is to travel around the world killing them. But this requires money and support from the sheeple. The military-industrial complex has to justify its existence by having an enemy to “protect” us against. That requires massive amount of money from the batteries that power The Matrix.

But the day is coming where that military-industrial complex will turn its weapons to within our own borders. Technology introduced, and perfected in Iraq and other countries are already being used here. Unmanned drones over Houston, biometric technology, etc.

And if you dare to speak out about it, you are unpatriotic and siding with the terrorist.

So welcome to the USSA prison system.

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