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April 27, 2012


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Scars are the roadmap to life

Life often filled with pain and strife

To the wolf, these scars are worn with pride

Proving the wolves worth, nothing to hide


The scars may be physical or mental

Results of trauma or even ornamental

Like the Heidelberg Scars of old

A story of a journey is being told


To the wolf, these scars are freely shown

To document a tale of battles in danger zones

Or perhaps to tell of battles with addictions

Battles won through strong convictions


To the sheep scars are something they try to avoid

Scars often call for courage, of which they are devoid

When the sheep are scarred, by accident it seems

They cry and wail, bitch and scream


The sheep will run to surgery, to cover up these marks

Their wool was unblemished, but now may cause remarks

These scars will make them different, not one of the flock

The other sheep may jeer, point fingers or even mock


The sheep are scared of pain, of strive and battles

They don’t want to fight or be close to sabers that rattle

They want the comfort of the flock, of the other sheep

Comfort of being the same, not different, to remain asleep


To the wolf, scars are a roadmap of pain and suffering true

Sometimes accidental, or marks of pride or tattoos

Scars can be beautiful to his mate and others of the pack

Scars can tell tales of courage, something they do not lack


Scars can tell of a childhood of abuse, neglect and woe

Of parents or spouses that would hit, blow after blow

But a wolf will survive these things, grow up to be proud

A wolf will tell tales of battles, of strength unbowed


Like fire to steel, pain and suffering will make the wolf strong

Able to fight the good fight, win some battles, right the wrong

To the sheep the pain only weakens, melts their resolve

So from a sheep to a wolf, they often will not evolve


My words to the pack, our pups and the sheep that will listen

The words of long-tooth come from a hard life, the end unwritten

I show my scars proudly and I tell tales of battles won and lost

A life full of rewards but also hardships that have had a cost


My scars are honest, my scars tell of both good and bad

My scars are within and without, times both happy and sad

And my life is not over, I ask the gods for more time here

Time to live life fuller, time to spend with those I hold dear


When I end my days on this planet and go to the next life

My body will have more scars, no doubt, there will be more strife

When my family sees me, lying in the box and before I’m buried

Before they close the lid and to the grave I am carried


My family will know that I lived hard, strong and proud

That I didn’t back down from a fight, my words full of steel and loud

My scars came from things I did, on purpose or not

My scars are from a life both simple and complicated as Gordian’s knot


I was born a wolf and as a wolf I will pass from this existence

A life lived to the fullest, against the things wrong, always resistant

I hope to leave a legacy for my family, my pack and my friends

Live your life full throttle with no fear until the very end


Leave a legacy behind that will not fade or disappear with the age

Of battles won and lost, good fights fought, refusal to enter a cage

Leave a body full of scars, beaten, depleted and wore out

A body perhaps now weakened, that was once strong and stout


Let the sheep have their comfort and conformity of the flock

“Fuck them I say”, in their willingness to be the same I’ll mock

Let them have their coats of wool, so white and unblemished

Their attitude of acceptance, their unwillingness to be banished


I will live my life full of danger, love, knowledge and strife

My days will end perhaps with a whimper but that too is life

But remember they must is my hope when my life fades

Perhaps they will remember through my words written through the decades


But remember they must


April 20, 2012

Like taking the red pill

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I was asked recently why I thought that I was freer, and happier, overseas than in the USA. I recently spent 3 years in Egypt working and hope to return there soon. And yes, I was freer in Egypt than I am in the USA. So why is this a difficult concept for most Americans to accept? Why do most Americans have this idea that America is the greatest country in the world and any other country is a distant second at best?

If you saw it, you have to remember the scene in “The Matrix” where Morpheus offers Neo the option of taking the red pill. That if he took the red pill, he would understand all about the reality of his everyday world and would no longer be trapped in The Matrix, knowing only the digital world that The Matrix wanted him to know.

Working and living overseas is like taking the red pill. I don’t mean traveling to England for a vacation or taking a cruise in the tropics. I mean truly living in another country such as an African country, Middle-Eastern country, etc. And even then, doing more than riding from the airport to the hotel to a meeting and flying back out, I mean experiencing the culture, meeting the people, trying to learn something of their language and religion.

This is what I have done for the past 16 years or so in my work. As a safety consultant, I have worked in about 14 countries so far, most of them in the Middle-East, Africa and FSU (Former Soviet Union). My most recent job was in Egypt where I spent almost 3 years that I will never forget. And I will be returning to that beautiful country soon.

When you work outside of the USA and outside of the USA’s influence (such as Europe), you can see the mass media propaganda for what it is. You see into the eyes of the people in person instead of through the TV screen. You understand that yes, people in other countries don’t like the USA but it is because of US foreign policy, they take individuals on their own merit.

As an example, I went to work in Yemen 4 months after 9/11 and I was the only American on the crew along with a handful of other expats, mainly from the UK and Italy. The rest of the crew was Yemeni. I got along great with them, even the rotation that I did where I landed in Sana’a 2 hours before the US started invading Iraq and bombing Bagdad. But the reason why I got along with them is because we had open and honest discussions. We discussed politics and religion. We were open with each other, shared family tragedies and triumphs. They understood that I was against the war in Iraq, and all US wars for that matter, and respected me for my honesty. I saw them as no different than myself with families and friends that they loved and tried to provide for. They did not “hate me for my freedoms” but liked me for my honesty and willingness to learn about their culture.

But what if you cannot work overseas or don’t have the resources to travel outside the US and see these other cultures? Well, you could do short trips, perhaps with missions works with your church. Go outside of your comfort zone and go into more ethnic parts of your city and have lunch or go to a multicultural fair if you have one close. Read about other cultures from sources that are not biased towards a US point of view.

Look at news sources on the internet that are outside of the US, such as Al Jazeera, http://www.aljazeera.com/. But realize that a lot of these sites have their own bias so view them through open eyes. Gauge what they say against what you are hearing in the US, the truth may lie between. Look at alternative media sources within the US, such as www.infowars.com by Alex Jones but use the same open mind approach as you would towards Al Jazeera, don’t take anything they say at face value. Read the books of Thorin at www.wickedjester.com as a way to deprogram yourself, to cut yourself from the flock.

The value of reading, watching and listening to these other sources of information is that it forces you to think. If you hear one thing on the US news media and what you hear on Al Jazeera is 180 degrees opposite, one of those sources is incorrect or even both of them may be. But it will force you to dig deeper. To think for yourself. Don’t take anything on blind faith unless you want to remain part of the flock.

But be warned, taking the red pill is not without its hazards. When you start to think for yourself, with an open mind, there are consequences.

You start questioning everything, not just what you see in the news. You start seeing the USA and the world through clear and focused eyes.

You realize how much of your life has been lived in a false, but comfortable world of illusion. Smoke and mirrors used to fool you into complacency and blind patriotism.

You stop nodding your head in agreement with your friends and family when they parrot the party line or latest sound bite from TV and you start questioning them, playing devil’s advocate to whatever they say. As a result, you may lose friends and alienate family to the point they won’t talk to you.

You get pissed off when you realize that the taxes you have been forced to pay have been used to build the shackles now imprisoning you.

You start questioning the wisdom of wars: The War on Terror, The War on Drugs, The War on Poverty, etc.

You start asking yourself questions like, “if our reason for going into Iraq was WMDs and there were no WMDs, why are we still there?”.

You start questioning why a country that claims to be the center for freedom and democracy for the world has the highest percentage of its citizens in jail or prison and more laws on the books than any other country.

You start asking questions about events like 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing, Waco, our various wars around the world we are engaged in and not liking the answers you find outside of the mainstream media.

Taking the red pill is something there is no turning back from. Once you see things for what they are, you will never follow the flock again. You will always question anything you hear from any source. It will make your life miserable and wonderful at the same time.

It is much easier to take the blue pill, to go back to your life as you thought it was, your false and programmed reality you lived in. That is a comfortable world, a warm and fuzzy world where you believe the lies because to disbelieve them makes you responsible for doing something besides setting on the couch, drinking beer and cheering for the next “American Idol”.

But if you have the guts, take the red pill. It may end up making your life miserable but believe me, the ride is well worth taking.

Indentured servants

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“Indentured servitude refers to the historical practice of contracting to work for a fixed period of time, typically three to seven years, in exchange for transportation, food, clothing, lodging and other necessities during the term of indenture.”

The definition above is from Wikipedia and in my opinion, pretty much describes what most Americans are to the government.

We are indentured servants to the government in that we are forced to pay taxes in exchange for government services (most of which we don’t want or need) and the “promise” of a small portion of our taxes being paid back to us through Social Security when we retire. But unlike the indentured servants in the Wikipedia definition above, our period of indenture goes for much longer than “three to seven years” and in reality, is nothing more than us being indentured until our death and even after.

I have a Scottish friend who lives in the Philippines and has for about 20 years without returning to his country of birth during that time. In the Philippines he goes to the tax office once a year and gives them whatever he feels like giving them, usually a couple of hundred dollars (he makes 6 figures) and they are happy to get it. And what does he get in exchange for his taxes? Well, not much. There is little infrastructure in the Philippines like we are used to here. Poor roads, small military, police force that does little and he likes it there, as would I.

You see, when you pay much into the government, the government grows larger in order to provide “services” to the citizens. “Services” that come with a price beyond the taxes supporting them.

You cannot, on one hand, tell the government “Give me welfare, give me protection, give me….whatever” but then on the other hand, tell the government “Leave me alone, I’m a free man!” It just doesn’t work like that.

The more money given to the government, the larger it grows but like a tumor, it is not always benign. A large government, US or any other country, will continue to grow and as it grows, it is going to become more powerful, and more totalitarian as it grows. It will continue to invade and subjugate not only citizens in other countries (empire building) but also its own citizens and their homes. The cost of government mandated safety and security (or the illusion thereof) comes with the price of government control over you and yours’.

You are paying for the shackles that bind you.

So decide what you want. Do you want the illusion of freedom, security and safety that you pay for with your taxes but in reality, do not make you safer, more secure and strips your freedoms?

Or do you want true freedom?

But be warned, true freedom only comes with true responsibility.

If you can’t handle true freedom, then go back to sleep and continue to dream that you are living in a free country.

Just don’t wake up because when you do, the dream goes away leaving behind only a faded memory of what could have been.

If you want true freedom, look outside of the USA because you will find little of it there.


April 1, 2012

A word of thanks and a bit of an explanation about previous posts

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Jeff over at the Dollar Vigilante, www.dollarvigilante.com, responded to an email that I sent him and in reading some of my past blog postings, asked to publish one of my post as a guest post on his blog. I was honored and of course, accepted. Many thanks to Jeff and his managing editor, Redmond, for publishing one of my rants. I have had several responses and comments from this guest posting and as a result, it seems I have a bit more traffic to my blog than usual.

So I figured a bit of explanation was in order so that any new visitors to my blog would understand what I’m talking about in some of my post.

There are several posts that I have made that refer to wolves and sheep. In the vernacular of some, “wolves” are the free thinkers, the non-trend followers, the ones that cry out against the untruths that we hear in popular news media. The sheep are the ones that blindly follow the ass of the sheep in front of them in a flock towards the edge of the abyss.

Some of us started thinking of ourselves as wolves after reading the writings of Thorin in his books available at Wicked Jester. Some of us, like me, have always understood that we were wolf like in our independence, my given name means Shield Wolf and it has fit me very well. Several of us wrote a book called “Howls from the wolf pack” that can be bought on Amazon: Howls from the Wolfpack.

So if you read some of my posts, you will understand what I’m talking about when I speak of the wolves and the sheep. If you are of like mind, looks us up on Facebook, Wolf Pack.

Please leave comments if you read any of my postings, feel free to contact me directly at randal@hardcoremind.com.

All the best


“Long tooth”

The man at the helm

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Consider the man at the helm of the ship. He is the one responsible for steering the ship through the water, stormy or calm. He may not be the one that picks the route, this may be done by the navigator or the ship’s captain but the man at the helm is the one that carefully steers the ship towards the destination picked by the ones responsible for choosing the route. While the man at the helm has a heavy responsibility for following the route chosen and planned, at the end he is usually only following the instructions of others.

Now consider that the man at the helm of the United States is the President and/or the party in power. Using this analogy, this person, or party, is doing nothing more than steering the country towards a destination that has been chosen by others. In this case, let’s call these “others” the Powers That Be or PTB.

When you look at the last 100 years USA history it becomes pretty obvious that our country has been carefully steered on a course of becoming dependent on big government and big corporations. The course has carefully been plotted to avoid rocky areas, areas which I equate to personal freedom (personal freedom can be pretty rocky at times and will sink a ship which is being steered on a path of continuous subjugation).

The PTB realized early on that they would never reach their destination in a single journey. It would take slow movement through particularly dangerous areas, stops for resupply and re-charting courses.

As an example, look at the laws that have been put into place since the early 60s. Look at gun laws, restrictions on personal freedoms, taxes and regulations that have developed over the last 50 years and even earlier. Considering that the wolf to sheep (W2S) ratio has changed over the years, the PTB knew that they would never have accomplished their destination by trying to force these things through within a short period of time. The W2S ratio was too heavily weighed on the side of the wolves. The wolves would fight back too much and the PTB ship would crash upon the rocks.

Instead the PTB charted a careful course to avoid the rocky areas and over the course of generations they slowly made the American citizens more and more dependent on the government and dependent on a lifestyle that would turn them into sheep or would produce future generations into sheep that would be easily controlled. Sheep that would readily accept propaganda that generations previous, would have been scoffed at by a country largely made up of wolves.

The main political parties are tools of the PTB to keep our country on this course. It makes no difference which party it is, they both have, over the decades, followed this course. What legislation, regulations or taxes one party cannot get pushed through, the other party, once in power, will change a bit and push through. The end result is the same regardless of which party is in power but the sheep believe that because their man or party is in power, that it must be okay.

Layer upon layer, the PTB have slowly buried our country and have done it with the willingness of the sheep which have become the majority in the W2S ratio. The PTB have charted their course well. They have charted the course to come close enough to the rocky areas to scare the sheep into bahing loudly to be steered away from these areas. To the sheep personal freedom is a scary thing. Free thinking has been made to be a bad thing by the PTB because the herd will split if the herd starts thinking freely and when the herd splits, the PTB start to lose control and they just can’t have that.

Then once away from the rocky areas, the PTB allow the ship to be steered towards a perfect tropical island and maybe even let the sheep off the ship for a bit of time in order to show them of what can be. To give them a promise of what the PTB can do for the sheep as long as the sheep only give up their freedom and follow the herd. Once the sheep get their taste of freedom, it is back on the ship for their continued journey towards the Utopia that the PTB have promised but which will never be reached. But because the sheep have this vision of this Utopia, they willingly buy into whatever “War on” that the PTB have crafted because the sheep believe that the PTB want this Utopia for the herd and only have the herd’s best interest at heart, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Sadly the W2S ratio has shifted over the decades to where the wolves are a very small minority. While the wolves will howl and growl, their howls are lost in the overwhelming cries of the herd that wants to be protected and wishes to reach their destination of Utopia promised by the PTB.

This Utopian vision will never be reached. The sheep may think at times that they are close because their party has been elected or because the sheep has the latest shiny gadget that some movie star has or because some new program has come into place (at tax payers cost) that will protect the herd but this glimpse of Utopia is a carefully crafted vision that the PTB have designed and dangle in front of the sheep and if only the sheep will elect them, or willingly go along with a new law or regulation, this Utopia will be a bit closer than it was before.

Until the sheep stop deluding themselves that our country is the home of the “Free and the brave”, stop deluding themselves that the government is there to help them, until the sheep wake up and realize that this illusion is the chains that bind them, our country will never change.

I wish that I was an optimist. I wish that I thought this was possible but I don’t. I have been circling the herd for most of my 55 years and have seen nothing more than a continued path towards self destruction for our country. The course may be a bit different or the speed of the journey a bit slower or faster but the destination has not changed.

The USA, as envisioned by the founders of this country, is long gone. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are nothing more than historical documents that were written by wolves for a nation of wolves. The sheep like to think these documents still rule the land but the sheep are wrong.

Because of this I don’t buy into the false patriotism that the PTB put up as needed to protect us from our supposed enemies. I won’t wear an American flag or wave a “Made in China” US flag on the 4th of July. These symbols still do mean something to me in the context of what our country was supposed to be and perhaps was at one time but not anymore.

I used to get pissed when I would hear someone say that our armed forces were fighting to maintain our way of life because I considered it a lie. Fighting a war in Iraq has nothing to do with protecting freedoms at home but when I thought about “way of life” instead of freedom, I realized this was correct. Our military is not fighting overseas to protect our freedoms but is fighting to protect the “way of life” for the sheep. These wars are being fought to further the course that the PTB charted a long time ago. The “way of life” in the USA is this course, it is this journey.

The sheep think the end of this journey will be Utopia but it won’t be. It may appear to be Utopia when it ends but this vision before them will only blind them to the chains that have enslaved them.


“Long Tooth” Randal

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